Tea Review: Bingley’s Teddy Bear Tisane


First impressions: I was so super excited to try this tea.  I love gummy bears and all gummy candies, so being able to try a tea that tastes just like gummy bears made me feel like a kid again!  I just got the sample pack of the Teddy Bear Tisane from Bingley’s Teas, so right off the bat I used 3/4 of the package in making an entire pot for myself (it was one of those days).  I made it in my lovely Tardis teapot, as you can see above.


Positives: This tea tastes exactly like red gummy bears!  It is just sweet enough to be delightful, but still a bit tart.  The berries and lemongrass are in a battle for the top note of this tea, but they work in harmony.  This is perfect for the younger tea drinkers in your family.

Negatives: The flavor can be very overpowering if you oversteep.  Because it is an herbal tea, it doesn’t go bitter, but it does get extremely flavorful, so be prepared to cut it with water if you accidentally oversteep.  On the other hand, don’t under steep, either.  My first cup was under steeped and it was not as flavorful as I would have liked.  The lemongrass can also, at times, be a bit overpowering.


Overall: 4 cups out of 5.  This is a very good berry tisane!


The Best Tea Company Ever: Bingley’s Teas

Whenever a person asks me what my favorite teas are I pause.  The answer is difficult.  There are so many great teas that I’ve been able to try.  There are my regular teas that I drink all the time.  Then, there are the teas that I don’t indulge in much but enjoy greatly when I do.  Then, there are teas that I simply tolerate.  However, my answer to my favorite teas is always Bingley’s.

I came into contact with Bingley’s early in 2012 through their website.  I heard that they had a Jane Austen themed tea series, and being a Regency era reenactor and lover of all things Jane, I simply had to try it out.  My friends told me that they would be at the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville in July, so I held off purchasing anything until then.  And trust me, it took a lot of self control to do so!  My friends had samples of Bingley’s Teas at past JA fests, and they said that the tea was phenomenal.  I couldn’t wait to try it myself.

The time of the Jane Austen Festival finally came, and I walked away with a chest of 4 different Pride and Prejudice teas (probably my best purchase to date).


The teas are, from left to right, Compassion for Mrs. Bennet’s Nerves (a chamomile, mint, rose hips, lavender, and passion flower tisane), Miss Elizabeth (a cranberry black tea with blue mallow), Mr. Darcy (a Da Hong Pao Oolong), and the Longbourn Wedding Tea (a champagne silver needle white tea with rose buds and raspberry).  All of them are absolutely amazing, and I’ll be reviewing them very soon here!  So, of course, I wasn’t satisfied with just one chest of Bingley’s tea, so I had to get more.  I just got this shipment in and I am super excited to try them!


From left to right, Sweet Jane (vanilla ceylon and jasmine tea) and Bingley’s (a signature blend of classic afternoon tea).  And can I say, the packaging is absolutely wonderful!  I took these pictures as I opened the box, right after picking it up from the post office.  Adorable!


From left to right, Wicked Wickham (a pomegranate Pai Mu Tan white tea) and Miss Lucy Steele (an apricot and vanilla black tea).


I also ordered a sample pack of the Teddy Bear Tisane (dried apples, berries, lemongrass, and gummy bears) and Julia from Bingley’s Teas threw in two free samples for me!  One is Mrs. Jenning’s Delight, a green tea that has not yet been debuted on the website, and Peppermint Party, a pure peppermint tisane (she knows me so well!)

Each one of the Jane Austen teas is packaged in a lovely book box.  Here’s a look inside of one of them:


The tagline of the Jane Austen Tea Series is “Jane Austen was a loose woman, too!” (meaning loose tea, of course).  Clever, right?  Anyway, I’m going to be reviewing all of the teas that you see here one by one, so stay tuned.  And, if you’re looking to purchase more tea, definitely, definitely check Bingley’s teas out.  They’re a nice, small company run by an awesome woman that makes amazing teas.  And, if you’re wondering, Miss Elizabeth and Longbourn Wedding are tied for my favorites 🙂 Happy sipping!

Double Review: Harney & Sons Peppermint Herbal Tea and The Fault in our Stars by John Green


Hello everyone!  This is officially my first book review and my first tea review on this blog! I’ll be reviewing the Harney & Sons Peppermint Herbal Tea and The Fault in our Stars by John Green, two things that I am very happy for purchasing.  So, here we go!


Harney & Sons Peppermint Herbal Tea

First Impressions:  Honestly, I only got this tea because I needed a straight up mint tea because I was all out, Target didn’t have my usual brand (Twinings), and this tea had cool packaging.  It comes in a handy dandy tin that I know I can use for other things in the future (most likely carrying tea bags for vacations and such).  I didn’t expect the tea to be anything special.  When I read “sachets” I thought that I’d just be getting flat paper tea bags.

Positives: Four words: SILK PYRAMID TEA BAGS.  Look at these sexy things:


That was the #1 best surprise I’ve had in my tea experience.  In case you didn’t already know, silk pyramid tea bags are basically the closest you can get to loose-leaf tea in pre-bagged form.  It’s also a sign that high-quality tea lies within.  Since I am a college student and bagged teas are the most convenient, I will and have bought from this company again.  Any tea company that exceeds my expectations is worth a second shot to me!  The tea itself was an excellent pure peppermint tea.  I sweetened my large mug with one pack of Splenda per personal preference, but it is anything but bitter and could easily go without.

Negatives: The tea does pack a pretty hefty $6 price tag for 20 sachets, but because of the convenience and the quality, I will buy it again.

Overall: 4 cups out of 5.  This tea is exactly what it ought to be and more!


The Fault in our Stars by John Green

First Impressions:  We all know that Tumblr is all about John Green, so I figured that I ought to check him out.  As a Christmas present to myself, I bought the box set of his works, plus the book that he co-authored with David Leviathan, Will Grayson, Will Grayson.  I chose to read TFIOS first since it was JG’s most recently published novel and since I’d heard great feedback about it.  I dove headfirst into it as soon as I received it.

Positives: THIS IS AN AMAZING NOVEL.  Now, granted, I picked it up without knowing that it was about teenagers, so that is something that might stray away a few readers, but it was in no way a cliche high school romance.  JG does a great job of building up the pathos the reader has for each character and causing all of it to spill out of your eyes via tears with the twist of a few little words.  Also, there are a lot of amazing quotes in the novel.  While I did cry for an hour straight while reading this book, there are also some remarkable funny parts where I audibly laughed.  It is a very realistic mix of emotions; more realistic than any other teenage novel that I’ve read.

Negatives: I honestly can’t think of any except maybe that it was too short!  This novel was truly amazing and I enjoyed every word of it.

Overall: 4.9 cups out of 5.  It was an excellent, excellent novel.

Thank you for checking out my blog!  I hope you will stick around and travel with me through books, coffee, and tea!